Obamabot wishes death on wounded war vet


Facebook post is in response to soldier’s open letter to the president

They aren’t rare. You see posts like these all across social media and in the comments sections of websites—places where people feel out of reach and safe from reprisal. They’ll elicit a headshake from us, maybe a deep breath or a feeling of disbelief. But nothing more. Because, honestly, it just isn’t worth the time to respond.

But every once in while something comes along that demands more. Maybe there was just too much arrogance on display, maybe too much ignorance. Maybe the insensitivity got to you. There’s certainly all that and then some in this post. But the most striking element here—to this observer, anyway—is the staggering level of immaturity.

But before we get to that, something needs to be pointed out. Nowhere in Senior Airman Brian Kolfage’s open letter to President Obama does the word “hero” appear. He refers neither to himself nor his fellow veterans by such a term. Kolfage’s focus, clearly, is on calling out a president who he feels “bailed on our mission” in Iraq.

So the next time you aim to denigrate a stranger, Ms. Shields, you might also consider aiming for some accuracy.

kristi shields

A simple glance at the accompanying picture of this Kristi Shields, our Asshat of the Day, and one will see a lot of immaturity. Sticking your tongue out at the camera is Grade A Certified middle school antics.

But that’s just the surface. The kind of puerility I’m referring to is rooted in the little item she added to the end of her comment…#teamobama.

Team. Obama. That really says it all. It’s a game to this woman. A game she feels her “team” is winning. Not that she understands the game, or could recognize the players, or even grasp what’s at stake. If she did, I assume she could come up with something more intelligent that name calling.

I’m curious, Ms. Shields, as to your thoughts on drone warfare. I wonder how you feel about the escalating situation in the Ukraine or the austerity measures taking hold across Europe. Immigration reform…comments?

Or are you too busy worshiping at the alter of Obama to consider such trivialities?

To Ms. Shields, Senior Airman Brian Kolfage is a “bitter fool.” But not because of anything to do with the war in Iraq. The man has given more than she could fathom but still insists he never questions whether “losing 3 limbs in a war” was worth it. No, in Kristi Shields’ mind, Mr. Kolfage is bitter because his “team” is losing.

He’s a “disgrace to America” in her eyes. And after reading Kolfage’s letter it’s easy to how someone of her maturity level would feel that way. Because he’s not talking politics or issues. He’s calling out a man. Her man.

It’s juvenile stuff, to be sure. A child hurling obscenities across the playground. Hardly worth taking the time to expose. Except, of course, for that other thing. You know, her wanting a man dead and all…

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